Clinical Resource Manager in Savannah, GA at HealthTrust

Date Posted: 8/1/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

JOB SUMMARY – The Clinical Resource Manager will provide support for a successful and ongoing implementation of the clinical resource program. This position will provide strong analytics and implementation support to the Clinical Resource Director. In collaboration with the Division Clinical Resource Director, Clinical Resource Director and the Value Analysis teams, the Clinical Resource Manager will assist with the identification of supply expense opportunities to improve product standardization and utilization. This process includes product selection, evaluation and implementation of cost-effective products throughout the facility and/or organization. The Clinical Resource Manager interacts with all appropriate department managers to develop, coordinate and integrate supply expense management programs into departmental services by assisting with program implementation, data collection, analysis, communication, monitoring and follow up. The Clinical Resource Manager will measure and report the supply expense performance, based on established key performance indicators, for the facility and/or organization.

SUPERVISOR – Clinical Resource Director (CRD)


-Assisting with the implementation of strategies and processes to reduce supply expense per adjusted admission within the facility(s).
-Supports supply expense initiatives by providing data and supporting analysis for the facility(s).
-Develops tracking tools such as excel spreadsheets, database tools and report writers to analyze existing and ongoing initiatives.
-Assists with development and implementation of product standardization and utilization initiatives across the system.
-Accurately collects supply expense performance data for the facility(s) hospital or organizational Executives, Physicians, Directors and Supply Chain.
-Assists with the development and maintains spreadsheets and database tools to analyze supply expense and process improvement initiatives; and documents savings achieved through the value analysis process.
-Develops a process for ongoing mining of expense and purchase history data to identify contracting and expense opportunities within the facility(s).
-Coordinates with staff the development of educational programs related to changes in products and processes.
-Prepare agendas and supporting information for Value Analysis Teams.
-Practices and adheres to the Code of Conduct philosophy and to the Mission and Value Statement.
-Performs other duties as assigned.

Duties included but not limited to:
-Project Management: Demonstrates proficiency in project management, which includes the use of project software to develop project plans, and initiate and lead projects as assigned.
-Organization: Proactively prioritizes responsibilities and goals and completes assignments efficiently and completely.
-Communication: Communicates effectively through clear, concise dialogue with all team members and delivers accurate information and direction.
-Computer Skills: Proficient in the use of Excel spreadsheets and word processing applications; has the ability to learn new software programs.
-Clinical Knowledge: Demonstrates a knowledge of basic hospital clinical departments such as nursing, surgery, pharmacy, laboratory; and basic quality and operational improvement processes.
-Customer Orientation: Establishes and maintains long-term customer relationships through building trust and respect by consistently meeting and exceeding expectations.

Quality Orientation
-Accurately and carefully follows established procedures for completing work tasks.
-Vigilantly watches over job processes, tasks, and work products to ensure freedom from errors, omission, or defects.
-Initiates action to correct quality problems or notifies others of quality issues as appropriate.

Business Acumen
-Uses economic, financial, market, and industry data to assess current business strategies and tactics or to evaluate specific business opportunities; identifies trends and anticipates their impact.
-Integrates economic, financial, market, and industry data from multiple sources to identify critical business issues; articulates the implications of business trends for own department or team as well as the broader organization.
-Understands the nature and interdependencies of business functions and supporting processes (R&D, marketing, finance, operations, etc.).
-Understands the industry in which the organization operates (trends, customers, competition, market share etc.).
-Uses understanding of business, industry, and own organization’s performance to maximize results, limit risk, and effectively direct own department, team, or the organization.

Customer Focus
-Actively seeks information to understand customer circumstances, problems, expectations, and needs.
-Identifies breakdowns in internal processes and systems that directly impact customer service and retention; expresses concerns to others.
-Uses understanding of customer needs to institute systems, processes, and procedures to ensure customer satisfaction and to prevent service issues from occurring; promotes customer service as a value.
-Makes sure that customer solutions, practices, and procedures are carried out and achieve their objectives.

Building Trust
-Demonstrates honesty; keeps commitments; behaves in a consistent manner.
-Shares thoughts, feelings, and rationale so that others understand personal positions.
-Listens to others and objectively considers others’ ideas and opinions, even when they conflict with one’s own.
-Treats people with dignity, respect, and fairness; gives proper credit to others; stands up for deserving others and their ideas even in the face of resistance or challenge.

Managing Conflict
-Establishes a clear and compelling rationale for resolving the conflict.
-Collects information from relevant sources to understand the conflict.
-Objectively views the conflict from all sides.
-Stays focused on resolving the conflict and avoids personal issues and attacks.
-Presents and seeks potential solutions or positive course of action.
-Takes positive action to resolve the conflict in a way that addresses the issue, dissipates the conflict, and maintains the relationship.
-Summarizes to ensure that all are aware of agreements and required actions.

Driving for Results
-Systematically evaluates business opportunities, targeting those with the greatest potential for producing positive business results.
-Establishes challenging goals for self and others that are designed to achieve exceptional business results.
-Works tenaciously to overcome obstacles and to meet or exceed goals; derives satisfaction from achieving stretch goals.
-Remains self-disciplined; measures progress and evaluates results; reprioritizes as appropriate; prevents irrelevant issues or distractions from interfering with timely completion of important tasks.

-Actively seeks information about new work situations; strives to understand the rationale and implications for changes in work responsibilities or environment.
-Treats change and new situations as opportunities for learning or growth; identifies the benefits of change; speaks positively about the change to others.
-Quickly modifies behavior to deal effectively with changes in the work environment; tries new approaches appropriate for new or changed situations; does not persist with ineffective behaviors.

-Bachelor’s degree (Business, Health Administration, Nursing, Pharmacy or other Allied Health Profession) required.
-Will consider a graduate of a Professional School of Nursing with related experiences in healthcare value analysis, clinical supply chain, or acute care hospital performance improvement
-Demonstrated passion for continued, lifelong learning

-Clinical/healthcare experience, minimum of 2 years
Acute care setting preferred
Patient care experience highly preferred
-Experience with computer skills for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
-Progressive experience demonstrating ability to accomplish objectives through a multi-disciplinary team
-Experience managing multiple projects simultaneously, and demonstrated personal time management/project prioritization skills
-Demonstrated passion for building a clinically integrated supply chain

-Appropriate for education level
-LPN/RN, Certified Materials and Resource Professional (CMRP), Certified Value Analysis Health Professional (CVAHP), or similar credential preferred

Work is performed in a normal office environment and in some cases on nursing units or in other acute care settings. Requires sitting for long periods of time. Requires hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity sufficient to operate a telephone, keyboard, calculator, and other office equipment. Work is often performed under stressful situations. Some travel required.

OSHA CATEGORY – The normal work routine involves no exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues (although situations can be imagined or hypothesized under which anyone, anywhere, might encounter potential exposure to body fluids). Persons who perform these duties are not called upon as part of their employment to perform or assist in emergency care or first aid, or to be potentially exposed in some other way.


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